― In between architecture and landscape


Our urban experience tends to be divided by site boundaries and functions. If we want to create good and lively cities there are several perspectives we as architects need to consider. What makes a city active and vibrant? Is it the buildings, it’s urban spaces, or the city dweller? Or should we consider the city in its entirety; a composition of related parts?
If we are to meet the demands of a vibrant city and its dwellers, we need to consider the urban hierarchy; the relationship between its many parts. Inside must necessarily be connected to the outside and the private sphere must relate to the public. Various possibilities of sleeping/hiding between buildings and landscapes – between the inside and outside. Therefore, we must erase the boundaries between our disciplines – and take the contrast between buildings and landscape into account and interweave them. It’s a whole – a unit –, which we need to connect to each other, if we want to create good and homogenous cities.
Architecture and landscape are considered separately through their own disciplines, commonly both are divided by their own methods of expression and drawing. Consider architecture and landscape together and new possibilities could arise, new ways of drawing and modelling which interweave the public and the private spaces for greater activity in the city.

Assignments: - Either choose a specific site in Japan or Denmark, or show the project through a generic structure.
- Present ideas about ambiguous space through intervening elements such as house entrance, private garden, public building hall, balcony, and so on.
- Present ideas through unique drawing and text combined with more theoretical thoughts and storylines.
- Try to develop a new way of drawing method while working with the inside-outside/building/landscape connection.
Submission requirements: - Send the data via the submission form.
- Layout: A1 size landscape.
- Max. 12MB with JPG data
- Smallest text size is 24pt.
- Language: English.
- Insert the abstract of your proposal with no more than 200 words.
- Insert 1 image showing the concept
- Insert any other materials that help express your idea.
Criteria: - The proposal tries to develop a new method of drawing
- The drawing communicates your concept effectively
- The aesthetics of the drawing
- The proposal presents new perspectives on architecture and landscape and how they relate
- There is a theoretical analysis or an evidence based analysis.
- The proposal is both ambitious and critical; visionary and theoretical.


Martin Lysholm Hjerl
+Rosa Siri Lund

Founded in 2015. Awarded the 1st prize at the Competition for Kronløbsøen in Nordhavn.


tomito architecture

Miho Tominaga + Takahito Ito

Founded in 2014. Awarded the Award of Excellence at JIA Kanagawa Prefecture Award for CASACO.