― Social tectonics


Modern society is shaped by many recent technological developments which have vastly shaped the way we live. While they create opportunities for improved lifestyles, they also create various problems by leaving many people behind. From issues surrounding migration, urbanization, energy consumption to spaces for children to play and the elderly to socialise our century is filled with socially related problems and issues that need our focus.
Many different social problems can be identified in our surrounding spaces. Conversely, depending on the space, we can help change the perception of these social issues and overcome them.
The theme of the competition is social tectonics. Your assignment is to study a social issue of your choice, local or global, and propose a tectonic to help overcome them. The term tectonic here includes not only how to put together materials or objects, but also how to put together people's activities and objects’ memories on the structure.
In order to give you better thinking of material itself, your tectonic should be made with maximum 3 materials.
We look forward to seeing your proposal for the unique tectonic of the 21st century.

Assignments: - Social issue and site: choose a social issue, and a physical space where this social issue is present.
- Data for the social issue: describe the social issue and how the social issue is visible on the chosen site with graphs or diagrams and no more than 200 words.
- Detail/material: How can a tectonic, made with maximum 3 materials, make a change in the space you have chosen, and how does it affect the social issue present?
Submission requirements: - Send the data via the submission form.
- Layout: A1 size landscape.
*「提出」の項目に「A1 縦使い」と記された日本語文を見て応募する方は、縦使いのままでご提出ください。
- Max. 12MB with JPG data
- Smallest text size is 24pt.
- Language: English.
- Insert the abstract of your proposal with no more than 200 words.
- Insert a parallel projection or perspective projection that shows your proposal and its surroundings.
- Insert graphs or diagrams and no more than 200 words to describe the social issue you chose.
- Insert a detail drawing of a key element in 1:5 scale.
- Add any other materials that better describes your proposal.

lenschow & pihlmann

Kim Lenschow Andersen
+Søren Thirup Pihlmann

Founded in 2014. Awarded the 1st prize at the Architectural Competition PAVILION for the ORANGERY.



Takuto Sando + Motoo Chiba
+Himari Saikawa + Masakazu Ishigure

Founded in 2013. Awarded 2016 Good Design Award for Ogikubo Post-Family Housing.