― International Architecture Competition

"Communication Beyond Words"

We have invited 6 architects from Japan and Denmark as “Invited Young Architects”, who will represent the next generation of architects. They are invited to discuss the future of architectural design and the role of architects in the next generation.
Now the discussion is open to all the young architects in Japan and Denmark, and we would like you to join our discussion. We would like as many of you as possible to join us and try to discover the universal value of architecture, beyond countries or re-evaluate the architectural culture in your own country, which could assist in the development of the next generation of architectural design.
The discussion is divided into 3. You can choose ones you like and please share your thoughts!

1st prize… 1 from each competition
- You will receive the expenses for the 1-week study tour to the partner country (Travel expense and Stay expenses. Should be applied by individual in principle. Only the representative can be granted if applied as a team).
- You will exhibit your proposal at the round exhibition taking place in Japan and Denmark in the end of 2017 (physical model, presentation board).

2ns prize... 4 from each competition
- You will exhibit your proposal at the round exhibition taking place in Japan and Denmark in the end of 2017 (presentation board).
Submission Period: 15th August 2017 - 30th September 2017 23:59 in Danish time (GMT +2).
Applicant eligibility: - The applicants have to be students or professionals with less than 3 years of working experiences
- The applicants have to be able to travel to Japan from 29th November to 5th December.
Application Method: Apply via the application form in each competition page in our website
Announcement of the winners: Winners are contacted by the secretariat and shown on our website on 20th October

― Result Announcement

Competition A:In between architecture and landscape

1st prize:
・Sotaro Miyatake (Japan)
2nd prize:
・Jiyugaoka / Daisuke Kobayashi(rep), Gaku Inoue, Sotaro Miyatake (Japan)
・Hiroaki Kojima (Japan)
・KHP/EMNJ / Kathrine Hede Poulsen(rep), Elin Maria Nolsøe Joensen (Denmark)
・Iben Degn Pedersen (Denmark)

CompetitionB:Social Tectonics

1st prize
・Cullen Yoshihiko Fu & Yanagi Hirata / Cullen Yoshihiko Fu(representative), Yanagi Hirata (CHINA)
2nd prize
・Benjamin Wells (Denmark)
・Heidis Kontor / Lauge Floris Larsen(rep), Julie Lecuelle Stubsgaard (Denmark)

CompetitionC:Destination Development

1st prize
・Gustav Bergström (Sweden)
2nd prize
・Maja Kozak Dehlin (Denmark)
Honourable mention
・Hende & Seeberg / Nicolai Duedahl Hende(rep), Aisha Mahjoub Seeberg (Denmark)
・Benjamin Molin Foged (Denmark)

― Exhibition


Duration: 15 - 22 Nov (Sat and Sun closed)
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00 - 16:00
Friday: 9:00 - 15:00
Venue: Gallery space at Akademisk Arkitektforening
Address: Åbenrå 34, 1124 København K
Contact: +45 30859000
Entrance fee: Free
- Reception party (15 Nov) 100 DKK


Duration: 30 Nov - 5 Dec
Opening hours: 10:30 - 19:30
Friday: 9:00 - 15:00
Venue: Living Design Center OZONE (3F Welcome Plaza)
Address: Shinjuku Park Tower
3 Chome-7-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0023
Contact: +81 353226500
Entrance fee: Free
- Reception party (30 Nov) 1,500 JPY

― Judges and Supporters


Martin Lysholm Hjerl
+Rosa Siri Lund

Founded in 2015. Awarded the 1st prize at the Competition for Kronløbsøen in Nordhavn.


tomito architecture

Miho Tominaga
+Takahito Ito

Founded in 2014. Awarded the Award of Excellence at JIA Kanagawa Prefecture Award for CASACO.


lenschow & pihlmann

Kim Lenschow Andersen
+Søren Thirup Pihlmann

Founded in 2014. Awarded the 1st prize at the Architectural Competition PAVILION for the ORANGERY.



Takuto Sando + Motoo Chiba
Himari Saikawa + Masakazu Ishigure

Founded in 2013. Awarded 2016 Good Design Award for Ogikubo Post-Family Housing.



Poul Høilund
+Marco Berenthz

Founded in 2014. Awarded the Honorable prize at FRITZ SCHEGELS.



Yusuke Kakinoki
+Shuhei Hirooka

Founded in 2016. Silver Prize, New face Prize, T. Igarashi Prize, H. Pan Prize, Y. Morita Prize at JCD Desgin Aaward 2017 for "Cut in Koganecho" (photo: kenta hasegawa).

Host: Japan and Denmark Architectural Committee
Young Invited Architects: [Denmark] NORRØN, STED and lenschow&pihlmann
[Japan] PERSIMMON HILLS architects, TSUBAME ARCHITECTS and tomito architecture
Coordinator: Takumi Yano(representive), Yuki Kumasaka, Keigo Nishio, Motoya Koga
Official Supporter: Japanese Embassy in Denmark, Danish Embassy in Japan, Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN), Arkitektforeningen and Forbundet Arkitekter og Designere
Sponsor: Living Design Center OZONE, SOGO SHIKAKU Co., Ltd., Japan Velux, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., The Daily Engineering & Construction News and The Kensetsu Tsushin Shimbun Corporation.
Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano
Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano Takumi Yano